Auto Service Agency

Auto Service Agency is the largest seller of vehicle service contracts in the United States!

At Auto Service Agency we believe everyone should be able to be protected against expensive car repairs. We offer coverage for all makes and models.

As technology advances, vehicles are becoming more and more complex. Because of this, up-to-date diagnostic equipment is needed to analyse and do repairs on modern vehicles. This makes it nearly impossible for vehicle owners to do their own repairs on their vehicle themselves. The cost to repair today’s complex vehicles is also rising. A service contract from Auto Service Agency will help protect you from the need to have advanced equipment as well as paying the rising prices of vehicle repairs.

Make sure you do your research. Not all service contracts are the same and as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Low prices look good but frequently they don’t offer all the coverage that you might want or need and are sometimes restrictive and lead to more out of pocket expenses for you at the time of the repair.

Give Auto Service Agency a call at: 1-800-430-1513 and we can help you customize coverage specifically for your vehicle!